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The Pleasures of Age: Don’t mind him, he lives here

March 30, 2009

                  One of the great surprises of aging is that I have become invisible. I can go a couple of days without shaving, wear old clothes, and walk down the street, and you won’t see me. I can put on a suit and attend the opera and no one notices. I blend in. No one is aware of the apocalyptic thoughts percolating through my brain; no one checks my math as I see whether one license plate number is divisible by another. No one suspects I am Joseph K., desperately seeking a path through an imaginary legal labyrinth.

No, I am not the Shadow, the old radio hero who had “the power to cloud men’s minds,” and who knew what evil lurked in the heart of man.  Nor am I a Ninja warrior, practiced in the art of concealment, on a secret mission from Sufi central. I am not even a spy cloaked in that secret new fabric that bends light around it instead of reflecting it. I am simply another old fart, taking a stroll in the sunshine. Invisible. (more…)